event video clients

At Exposed Wolf, we know how busy you are.

We capture the buzz of your event to create that excitement that make people buy tickets to be there!

We take care of filming, photography, animation, editing and any other production services you may require.

We don’t need greasing. You have enough to organise so you can relax with the knowledge that we’ll be getting in amongst the action, capturing the best angles and with a fast turnaround on editing, you can be pumping out the content on your social channels to drive engagement.

Shooting. Photography. Editing. Animation. Deliver.

If you’re tired of working with suppliers who push & shove you for every single amend and change then we are here to tell you that there’s another way.

We are responsive to feedback and always under your creative control. We can edit offline or are flexible to come to your office to sit with you through the edit.

We work collaboratively with you in every sense of the word and even on budgets. We can adapt to the circumstances and offer you options.